Benches are often placed where there is something to look at – a view, attraction, or just a place to rest.

By their nature as a refuge, people are drawn to sit and have their viewpoint guided by the serendipity of an urban planner. By sitting on a bench, we make a decision – either conscious or otherwise, to agree with the suggestion to look in a certain direction.

“Bench” explores the suggestion of the unseen. What are we missing, and what aren’t we seeing? Similarly, benches are another piece of urban furniture that is often carefully designed and crafted, yet rarely viewed as an object in its own right beyond its pure function. By placing the bench as a subject, front and centre, not only do we see the view behind that which was intended, we also get to experience the form and structure of the bench itself.

By capturing images of benches wherever I go (but not excessively – there are countless benches around the country!) I’ve been steadily building up a large catalogue of photographs that will eventually form the basis for a video. Every image in this series has been – and will be – captured in the same way. Using my mobile (believing strongly in the statement that the best camera is the one you have with you), every image is taken from the same viewpoint in such a way that will allow repetition between benches and facilitate further work with the produced images.