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Project 730: Week 31

Into the new year – museums, London sightings and a plastic model kit. This is week 31 of Project 730: 4th January – 10th January

Project 730: Week 30

It’s a brand new year! Welcome to 2018 – as we say goodbye to Christmas decorations, celebrate the new year and return to work. This is week 30 of Project 730: 28th December – 3rd January

Project 730: Week 29

In which things get exceedingly festive, as we fly headlong toward Christmas and associated family fun. This is week 29 of Project 730: 21st December – 27th December

Project 730: Week 28

Heading towards the Christmas wind-down – with some double-exposure, decorations and a sprinkling of archive shots (mostly so I could finish the series). This is week 28 of Project 730: 14th December – 20th December

A Eulogy For Gimmebar

Saying goodbye to a lovely little web tool called Gimmebar, as its life comes to an end.

Project 730: Week 27

In which time off was had, wood was chiselled and cut and snow fell. Winter is here! This is week 27 of Project 730: 7th December – 13th December

Project 730: Week 26

An accidentally unified seasonal palette of colours; browns, oranges, greys and reds. This is week 26 of Project 730: 30th November – 6th December

Project 730: Week 25

A long walk in the South Downs, warm autumnal light and chilly evenings. This is week 25 of Project 730: 23rd November – 29th November

Project 730: Week 24

Another week, another set of images – curious light, seasonal veg, spilled gas and excessively spicy pasta. This is week 24 of Project 730: 16th November – 22nd November

Project 730: Week 23

Rainy days, grey skies and famous bridges. This is week 23 of Project 730: 9th November – 15th November

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