Mark is a creative kind of guy. He loves photography, film-making, marine science, woodwork and electronics - but the reality is he enjoys experimenting in lots of different forms of creativity and contexts. Mark is a dynamic freelancer, turning his creative skills to digital media creation and his technical know-how to creating innovative technical solutions. He has over a decade of experience of working in demanding Higher Education environments, providing robust AV design, programming and support, and creating exciting video content for education and marketing.

He's been taking photographs for nearly half his life and is developing all the time – pun definitely intended. He is passionate about learning new skills and loves to get stuck in to new challenges. For Mark, photography is about the melding of the technical and the creative. His favourite thing about it is the ability to freeze a moment in time just because it is beautiful and compelling: an expression of something that others might not have noticed.

Mark is passionate about people, seeing dreams fulfilled and ambition realised. He also loves gadgets and gizmos – but tries not to let gear distract him from the process of image making. If you had to press him for a favourite camera, he’d say it was his Pentax K1000 (but would deny being a hipster).

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