The second of two posts (find the first part here) of images taken at the Imperial War Museum Duxford (for more information and to visit yourself, click here).

This particular visit to Duxford was with some of my in-laws and friends. My father-in-law is a massive World of Tanks fan, so no visit would be complete without seeing the Land Warfare building. Aside from a few other architectural moments, the majority of the images below are detail shots from various tanks and vehicles.

The Airspace Hanger, IWM Duxford

The Airspace Hanger is chock full of incredible aircraft – and the history of aviation. It’s a suitably vast building (containing, amongst other things, the Concorde test aircraft, an Avro Vulcan and a Short Sunderland flying boat) that defies its hanger nature to actually be quite an interesting building as well.

The American Air Museum, Duxford

This Foster + Partners designed building is a stunning piece of architecture – dug back into the ground, it’s a dramatically curved hangar with a huge glass wall facing the runway, and contains a huge collection of American aircraft – including the absolutely vast B52 Stratofortress.

Field Marshall Monty himself used this tank from 1942 – 1943 in the Desert Campaign. This is a detail of the front, including the canvas surrounds of the 75mm gun.

Soviet T-55 Main Battle Tank

There are few more well-known tanks than the T-55. It entered production after WW2 ended and became the most produced tank in history, with some countries still using them in active service.

The American Air Museum, Duxford

Also featured in the “Architectural Textures” post, this is an inside view of the striking American Air Museum, and shows the inside of the encircling windows that let light through around the entire building. Proof that concrete can be beautiful.