I really enjoy capturing photospheres when I visit places such as Stowe; they’re hugely impressive and can help give a sense of the scale of the place in a way that a narrow field of view image cannot.

The following images were all shot on Google’s Photosphere camera software.

Ruin on the Cascade, Stowe Gardens | View as a Spherical Image

Stowe Gardens are a National Trust property, having been given to the trust in 1989. The gardens themselves are full of temples, follys and structures, having been extensively landscaped through their history.

The Northern Collonades, Stowe House | View as a spherical image

The house itself was extensively modified, extended and grown over the years it existed – sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically. These huge collonades on the north side are one impressive addition.

The Saloon, Stowe House | View as a spherical image

The Saloon is probably the most well-known feature of the house; it’s a elliptical room based on the Pantheon with a 17m high domed ceiling, and is a stunning piece of neoclassical architecture.

The South Portico, Stowe House | View as a spherical image

The South Portico of Stowe personifies the phrase “go large or go home” – the columns are 11m tall.

The Palladian Bridge, Stowe Gardens | View as a spherical image

Built around 1744, this beautiful bridge crosses one of the lakes created by Capability Brown’s naturalistic landscape gardening style. It’s a grade I listed building – as are most of the follys and temples around Stowe Gardens.