With the release of Android 4.1 Jellybean, Google introduced new camera software that enabled people to take 360° spherical images using their mobiles. Early results were good - but highly prone to stitching errors as a result of camera movement. Nonetheless, I was hooked by the process of capturing spherical images of places I was visiting. When the image takes in everything around you, the rules of composition change, and capturing interesting images becomes a different challenge.

In the intervening time and versions of the software since Jellybean, I've continued to capture photospheres - and the software has come on leaps and bounds. Nonetheless, the fun and challenge of capturing compelling spherical images remains.

Below is a small selection of the photospheres that I've taken (all using a mobile device) and published onto Google Maps. For more, see my Google Maps profile.

Great Mattiscombe Beach, Devon - View it as a spherical image
Chelmer Valley Local Nature Reserve, Chelmsford - View it as a spherical image
Leadenhall Market, London - View it as a spherical image
Stowe Gardens, Buckinghamshire - View it as a spherical image

To see more photospheres from Stowe Gardens, please see this post.

The Vyne, Hampshire - View it as a spherical image