This is the sixth and final post in a series of six that will share the images I captured whilst a brand ambassador for Pentax. See more on the series page.

April 2016

Original series description

Another mixed month - but some interesting goings on!
It's springtime still, which is lovely - there are plenty of beautiful flowers and fresh green growth going on. No spring would be complete without a visit to some bluebell woods, and I was pleased to get the first shot. Bluebells are beautiful but part of the wonder is being in amongst them; it's hard to communicate the vibrancy with a photograph!

The next few shots are from a visit to Beth Chatto's gardens, the beautiful gardens of a renowned plantswoman. I loved the plant-packed greenhouse as a subject.

The middle set of shots are from another walk into the "wilds" of Essex, drawn by dramatic skies and stormy weather. I'd hired a DA* 16-50mm for a project at work, and this was a perfect opportunity to see how it copes with landscapes - very well! Having shot with the 35mm for a while, having both zoom and as wide as 16mm felt rather liberating. I enjoyed the effect of the flare on the lens caused by raindrops on the front element; the weather sealing was a boon once more.

The final set of shots are from a sailing trip with a good friend on the Blackwater estuary - it was raining, predictably! It was incredible to be able to shoot in the rain with a weather sealed lens and body and not be concerned - to have the confidence to get the shot and not think about it.
Another mixed month, but another bag of shots that I'm pleased with!