Day three began with thin grey light and drizzle – but no matter, because today was Rhod’s birthday! As a present, we’d decided to buy him a tree (he loves trees), so headed south towards Edinburgh where we’d found a specialist tree nursery.

As well as a frankly bafflingly selection of trees, there were also a wide variety of other beautiful plants. I loved the raindrops on this grass.

Grasses at the tree nursery | Pentax K3ii, Pentax 50mm f2

There was a huge selection of trees, from ordinary to extraordinary. We got Rhod a lovely Amelanchier canadensis – but there were lots of others around.

Trees at the nursery | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

We headed home via the Falkirk wheel and a nice lunch out – there’s an obligatory GIF to come later (Update: You can find it here – Day 3 Bonus Post!) – and I once more ended up taking photographs of the spiral staircase. It’s just so beautiful! This time with the view beyond to the summerhouse.

The view from the tower | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

It’s pretty cold up here – for the summer! – so we ended up lighting the fire, and Jo curled up with a good book.

Fireside reading | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

Instead of staying in the warm, I donned a coat and headed up the path to the fishing lakes and summerhouse at the top end of the estate. This grassy path led the way between lichen and moss covered trees, up the hill.

Winding path between lichen-encrusted trees | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

The nearby hills are pleasantly undulating, with swathes of planted forests.

Gateway to the hills | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

And there are more beautiful foxgloves, flecked with raindrops. I can’t get enough of the lichen covered logs, but I’ll spare you the shots for now!

Foxgloves | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

Further up the hill, I came across the first of two fishing ponds, spotted with rain and covered with water lilies. It was at this point I put my hood and put on my gloves – not because it was cold and raining, but because the midges were out in force! Thankfully nothing larger today.

Lakeside jetty | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

Beyond the first lake is a second lake, containing a small island and dark, still water. A small jetty protrudes out, amongst large trees and mossy ground. It’s really very beautiful.

Jetty reflections | Pentax K3ii, Pentax 50mm f2

Set against the edge of the forest above the fishing ponds is a small, red summer-house, where the lady of the estate used to spend her summers. It’s seen better days, now, but is a striking focal point.

Little red hut | Pentax K3ii, Pentax 50mm f2

The hut is beautifully weathered, and a welcome respite from the insects.

Through the windowpane | Pentax K3ii, Vivitar 35-70mm

Just beyond, into the woods higher up the hill, there are wind-felled trees creating patches of light amongst the dense pine forest.

Fallen trees, mossy ground | Pentax K3ii, Vivitar 35-70mm

The areas up above the house are really beautiful – I’m definitely intending to return up there when the light is a little less flat.

That’s it for today; it’s time to turn in for the night. Check back tomorrow for more!

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