Otherwise known as “No-longer-in-Scotland-Adventures” – sadly day 8 was the day we had to leave behind the Cauldhame estate and head home. The holiday was over! The day started with brief glimpses of the Grampians through the low cloud whilst we packed up, and then before we knew it we were on the road.

Thankfully we weren’t doing the whole journey back to Essex in one hit – we were stopping in Farsley to stay with my brother and sister-in-law. Whilst there, we had a wander around Farsley and the Sunny Bank Mill, now converted into a range of apartments, studios and businesses. It’s a work in progress, and dripping with post-industrial character. I love the textures of industrial buildings like this.

Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

The arty credentials of the place were realised when we came across this gentleman, propped up against a railing.

Leftover Art, Sunny Bank Mills | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

It’s always a pleasure to spend time with the lovely Luke and Katie!

Luke and Katie | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

Do you have enquiries about yarn? This is the place to go.

Yarn Enquiries | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

I kept getting drawn to rough stone walls, painted pipes and beams, and plants growing from the buildings…the mills closed and were empty for some time. Parts are still derelict, other parts have been turned into new and exciting things.

Mill textures | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

There were lots of weathered but beautiful old doors.

Old door | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

Elsewhere, brightly coloured pipes snaked between the buildings.

Yellow pipe | Pentax K3ii, Cimko 28mm f2.8

The day ended with a lovely dinner and great conversation – stopping with family is a brilliant way to break up a journey.